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the princess and the fall

I was wondering to myself how I would start this post as so many pictures will be of my sweet angel. Not that I don’t take pictures of Connor, but he just doesn’t shove his face in front of the camera like Jessie does…and the fact he rarely holds still long enough for me to get him has a lot to do with it too.

We finally started the first day of school last week. Oh what a JOY! A joy for the kids and for me. Last year I cried all the way home, cried in my empty quiet house, and spent the entire 2 1/2  hours on the phone with my friend who reassured me that it would get better. This year, I was so disappointed my kids didn’t start school with the rest of the district. What is all that about anyway? So finally the day came and we all rushed out the door so excited to find what the day would hold for us.

With school, the rest of fall has begun for the Robertson household. The weather is just right for playing at the park with our friends…the first time in a long time we can come home from an activity that doesn’t require immediate dirt-mixed-with-sweat-or-chlorine removal.

 Even though it isn’t “officially” fall…although the weather and changing trees tell otherwise, we have started our fall sports and activities outside of school. We now are involved in soccer. We have started the AWANAS program through our church, which I have decided to volunteer in helping all those wound up children learn more about Jesus. Jessie is starting ballet and Connor is ready to begin taekwondo. A jammed packed fall, but this keeps us busy as we wait for Daddy to come home.

Speaking of daddy’s…this is for you, Drew. Jessie dressed up in clothes from my closet and said you would be so surprised to see that she is all grown up when you come home.

“…and when I grow up and get married, I am going to kiss like grown ups. Like this.” <cue smoochy face sounds>

Then after her 20th change, she said she didn’t want to grow up anymore. She just wants to see her daddy.

We think about you every day sweetheart! We love and miss you. We are so proud of you. We pray that God keeps you all safe every morning and night in our prayers. We believe in you and can’t wait for you to come back home.


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time flies

Yes. Here I am again. The one who can’t seem to make starting a new class in school, my husband working two jobs in one week with virtually no sleep, kids in  end of the school year activities, sick puppies and still write a blog. Sorry. But, this just means I have a lot of catching up to do.


I woke up this morning thinking, “This is going to be a good day. I am going to accomplish EVERYTHING on my list. First thing…check on the pool and go buy pool shock. Needless to say, I was shocked when I looked out over the deck.

No, that is not sea foam…I don’t know what it is. I am almost in tears since the kids have been waiting THREE days to jump into that water. I feel like I have disappointed them. So, off to the pool shop with a sample of water to fix this problem.


On a lighter note, I do have good news. Last week was an eventful week for the Robertson household. Jessie and Connor had their last choir performance. They did great. They sang songs about Noah’s Ark…”the animals, they came in, they came in by twosies twosies…” SO CUTE! The kids graduated from their cubbies class at church last wednesday earning their little cubbie bear for thier vests. They were so excited getting ready to go.

Then, when it was time for the kids to go up front and say their pledge and sing thier song, Jessie started to cry reaching her arms out for me. She cried the whole time. Through the ceremony, during play time, and even at the ice cream social afterwards. I felt so bad that this was the way it ended for her. I still don’t know why she acted that way. Girls.

Connor on the other hand was full of energy, poking Mr. Bone while he was talking, giggling with Logan, walking all over the stage. He played until it was time to leave. I am glad one of my children appreciated it.


The last day of the first year of preschool was last week too. I remember how my heart felt when I took them to their first day. I remember coming home and feeling empty, crying, and talking the entire time on the phone with my best friend…who by the way assured me that it gets easier and eventually I would appreciate the time to myself…

You know what…she was right.

Jessie, Connor, and I made their teachers little gifts. I didn’t want to give them something cheesy and the kids love to craft. So, we made them “mini” Household Notebooks”…inspired by my friend (who is having a baby boy by the way) in Wyoming. She made me one. I will post about it later. She can make one for you too. Just go to her BLOG and click on House hold Notebook. They are very practical and rewarding and helpful in keeping everything about your home organized. Ans she is so creative when putting the book together. Thank you Lacey!

Here are pictures of the covers of the ones we made for Jessie and Connor’s teachers.

And that was that. We grabbed our gifts, drove to school for the last day (hot dog lunch party) and our summer began.

I am so glad they enjoyed it. I have no regrets putting them in this year. They have grown from it and so have I.


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I know it has been awhile.


I know I am always saying how busy I am…and that is what I am going to say today.

Darndest thing happened yesterday when I was taking the kids to school.

I just exited the highway and my truck started to clunk. My stomache dropped. I KNEW what it was. Same thing happened two months prior. The darn SPARKPLUG blew out of the engine block! NOT AGAIN!!

I coasted into the parking lot of the school, called Drew to pick me up, and prayed nothing else would go wrong. Drew brought me home, went to autozone, and I got a call from the school that Jessie was feeling sick. Drew had to go back to the school, bring HER home, and then go back to work on the truck.

Jessie has an ear infection…poor baby.

Drew couldn’t get the tools to work right and he wound up leaving the truck, picking Connor up from school and headed to the pharmacy to get Jess some medicine. We had to run some errands and I wanted to get some more dryer sheets (running low) and I found out MY smell I love so much in the dryer sheets is no longer available. WHAT?! I almost cried…really I did.

I know you all understand how I feel. I don’t like change…especially smelly change. I had no choice though. I am trying something new.

With my truck breaking down, Jessie coming home from school, Drew having to work, and then Connor coming down with a fever two hours after he came home from school, I wasn’t able to get caught up on my homework. Bummer? Disappointed because now I am doing double the work load and not disappointed because I cuddled with my “not babies anymore” babies as they NEEDED me. It was nice. But, now I have to research, write, and think about government and politics. Not my favorite thing.

BUT! In between trucks breaking down, homework that won’t do itself and sick kids, I have been sewing until my sewing machine smokes trying to get my etsy shop open. I am hoping to have items listed by the end of next week. hope hope hope HOPE!

I just keep praying for God to use my talents and still let me be a good wife and mom and student all at the same time. I have to confess…

I have been second guessing myself.

What if nobody likes my creative juices?

What if it isn’t good enough?

What if nobody buys anything?

Oh, ME of little FAITH.

God will provide!

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The next step

I knew this day was coming. I had been thinking about it for 3 years now and it finally came. There was no stopping it. No putting it off. I had no control! My kids have started school! <sniff>

Jessie and Connor handled it like champs. Their need for socialization and love for playing with other kids prepared them to breeze through the last 3 days with ease. I, on the other hand, am now relearning what it is like to have “free” time and a quiet house. If you had asked me last week if I was ready for them to go to school, I would have said, “YES! I need them to be occupied by something besides ME.” But, the day came (much faster than I had expected) and my feelings were torn in every direction. I said last week to my husband, “I don’t think I am going to be that mom who cries.” Well, I was wrong. The day of orientation at school (Tuesday) wasn’t bad because I was able to hover over them for an entire two hours taking pictures and watching them interact and play. Then Wednesday came for AWANAS. When I found out Jessie and Connor were seperated, I cried. How were my babies ever going to make it without me, let alone eachother! My first reaction was to go to one of the leaders, express my concern through sobs and tears, and then ask if they could be together. Of course the look I got was clear. I was being a “typical” mom dealing seperation anxeity and I had to be reasoned with. Maybe this would be good for them; help them grow and learn to develop friendships of their own. I still wasn’t sure. So, like the mother hen I am, I hovered and peeked and watched them do just fine.

Today came. The first “official” day of school. I was excited for them. I tried to make it a BIG deal that they were in school and the whole time Connor kept asking, “Mommy, are we four?” (I had told them last year they wouldn’t go to school until they were four, but found this GREAT school that starts kids at two years old.) I told him he was still three and would turn four while he was in school. I had their backpacks all packed up, their tummy’s were full, and we headed out the door.

Ask me if I am one of those mother’s who cries when she takes her kids to school. As I walked out the door to leave them in the care of women I barely knew and with kids I knew nothing about, my heart dropped. I suddenly was having trouble breathing, and I cried all the way home. When I got home and walked through the door, it was worse. There was no sound except happy dogs meeting me at the top of the stairs. It was weird. I was empty. I called my best friend in North Carolina for some good words of encouragement and I got my homework done.

The BEST part is, when I went to pick them up, they were having so much fun and they were so excited to tell me about their day and show me their “surprises” in their backpacks, I was reminded that this wasn’t about me. This is for them and what they NEED. I just get a little gift that goes along with it; much needed time to myself.

So, here are some photos of our next step…starting school.

on the steps

for the train

The first thing Connor saw and went to; his favorite…the train.

so proud

Jessie loves to build things and draw…she may be an engineer or architect!


She had to hug her teacher before we left.

connor smiling

When I look at him my heart melts. He is so loving and kind and still all BOY! God has blessed me with a wonderful son!

connor being goofy

jess funny smile

Jessie never holds back. She has such an immense love for God and all his creatures (including people) and it spills out on everyone who comes around her. I am the luckiest mom!

Jess up close

First day

First “official” day!

waiting to go in

peeking inside

Peeking in while waiting for them to open the door.

connor treat copy

jess ice cream

I took the kids to Dairy Queen for a “Happy First Day of School” treat. Mmmmm…they really liked this. It was a great wrap up for a great day and I was secretly thanking God for these precious little gifts he has bestowed upon me.


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