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twinkle toes

Jessie has started ballet. FINALLY! She waited a whole year to go because we missed the registration deadline last year due to lack of knowledge. Not this year! We registered her early, in fact, to ensure she had a spot in the class. Success! She loves it and talks about it all day long.

 “When do I dance again? How much more time? Is that 4 sleeps? I can do EVERYTHING my teacher shows me. Watch!….” I love it. I love seeing her so excited. I love seeing her involved in something she loves and enjoys. I love hearing her angelic voice praising God as she sings The B.I.B.L.E. while twirling around the living room.


And then I was kicked out of the room so they could start tapping their toes. I just can’t believe how much my baby girl is growing up. She is definately a BIG kid now.



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the princess and the fall

I was wondering to myself how I would start this post as so many pictures will be of my sweet angel. Not that I don’t take pictures of Connor, but he just doesn’t shove his face in front of the camera like Jessie does…and the fact he rarely holds still long enough for me to get him has a lot to do with it too.

We finally started the first day of school last week. Oh what a JOY! A joy for the kids and for me. Last year I cried all the way home, cried in my empty quiet house, and spent the entire 2 1/2  hours on the phone with my friend who reassured me that it would get better. This year, I was so disappointed my kids didn’t start school with the rest of the district. What is all that about anyway? So finally the day came and we all rushed out the door so excited to find what the day would hold for us.

With school, the rest of fall has begun for the Robertson household. The weather is just right for playing at the park with our friends…the first time in a long time we can come home from an activity that doesn’t require immediate dirt-mixed-with-sweat-or-chlorine removal.

 Even though it isn’t “officially” fall…although the weather and changing trees tell otherwise, we have started our fall sports and activities outside of school. We now are involved in soccer. We have started the AWANAS program through our church, which I have decided to volunteer in helping all those wound up children learn more about Jesus. Jessie is starting ballet and Connor is ready to begin taekwondo. A jammed packed fall, but this keeps us busy as we wait for Daddy to come home.

Speaking of daddy’s…this is for you, Drew. Jessie dressed up in clothes from my closet and said you would be so surprised to see that she is all grown up when you come home.

“…and when I grow up and get married, I am going to kiss like grown ups. Like this.” <cue smoochy face sounds>

Then after her 20th change, she said she didn’t want to grow up anymore. She just wants to see her daddy.

We think about you every day sweetheart! We love and miss you. We are so proud of you. We pray that God keeps you all safe every morning and night in our prayers. We believe in you and can’t wait for you to come back home.

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Eckert’s Farm

We have a pick-your-own farm near us that we go to about three times a year. We LOVE this place. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air, take the wagon rides to and through the orchards, and pick fresh fruit. I look forward to it every year and so do the kids.

This was our first trip out this year and we picked blackberries and peaches. MMmmmm! I had plans for this fruit. I learned how to make jam.

This trip was also special because it is the last family outing we will make before Drew deploys to Kyrgistan for six months. God gave us the perfect day with sunshine, storms, smiles, giggles, team work, holding hands, and good quality time together.

I loved it.

Off to pick PEACHES!


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beginning a catch up

I took a break. I needed  it. I wanted to spend time with my family before my husband left for his deployment. I am so glad I did. I feel refreshed. rejuvinated. recharged. Well, you get the point. But! We have been so busy with “stuff” for the summer. I wanted to share some our favorite things we did before I get into a regular routine again.

July has been jam-packed with family events.  I had my birthday, we visited my good friend and stayed at her house for three days, and then we went to a wedding, which the kids were part of. It was beautiful. The bride, the groom, the reception, and the bonus was that Drew came back from training that same day. LOVED THAT!

If you remember, I photographed a couple for their engagement a few months ago, Chris and Brittany. Jessie was their flower girl.

Connor was their ring bearer.

Brittany was beautiful.

Chris thought so too

I don’t think they could  have found another soul on the planet that would match eachother. They are perfect.

So, it’s official! Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for about two weeks now!

Congratulations Brittany and Chris! We love you both and wish you a world of happiness.

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1/2 birthday

Drew and I decided to give Jess and Connor half birthday parties due to so much chaos around Christmas time. Their friends were always gone, family is usually busy, Christmas presents are overwhelming, and we just felt they would be missing out on the whole “birthday” experience.

This year we had a carnival birthday party. As much as I stressed out preparing for the BIG day, the kids had an absolute blast! They are still talking about their party. We are so grateful to EVERYONE who came. It was so important to Jessie and Connor…and me.

Drew built this ticket booth for the party. It turned out FANTASTIC! Thank you honey!

That’s me. Thinking Iwas going to be able to capture every moment on my camera. WRONG! So, I have to say thank you to Rick, who is always a life saver. Some of these pictures are his (like the one of me) and, Dad, I am so thankful!

Drew and I made chalkboard signs for each of the games.

Drew’s cousin, Chris, volunteered to do face painting. The kids loved it! You did such a great job. Thank You!

They all loved the potatoe sack race…me too.

alligator ring toss.

My friend, Dawn, let us borrow her maize and basketball shoot. The kids had to race through the maize tunnel and once they were through, they would shoot the balls into the basket ball shoot. It was fun…a little competition.

I borrowed this giant parachute from our church. It was the one thing the kids wanted at their party the most. I am so grateful to Ron for letting us borrow it. Thank you!

Sadly, this year we did not get to enjoy the wonderful cakes made by Aunt Marge (who delivered her new baby girl the day before the party). But, I did find this colorful tiered cake online and searched for a bakery who could make it. Thank you, Catherine. It was delicious and perfect.

After the kids opened their presents, Drew and I had them give all their friends their party bags and treats. We had tubs of cotton candy, rainbow swirly lollipops, punch balloons, and jumping beans. Jessie and Connor couldn’t wait to hand them out.

Happy 1/2 birthday Jessie!

Happy 1/2 birthday Connor!

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strawberry time

It’s strawberry season now. I love this time of year when you can get fresh produce and it’s GOOD!

We are going to make a trip out to Eckert’s Farm (hopefully) to go pick endless numbers of strawberries, but we also have our own little strawberry patch. We planted them last year and only yielded maybe 6 berries total. Well, this year they are blooming like crazy…and their BIG! We had four ripe berries ready, so I let the kids pick them out.

It is so much fun to have fresh fruits and veggies right in our back yard. It won’t be long till the blueberry bushes are popping out plump berries and the tomatoes are ready to be picked. We also planted sweet banana peppers, green peppers, green onions, cucumbers, and zuchini. I love spring and summer.


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happy birthday Kristi!

Is it already Friday? This week has gone by in a haze (thanks to the overdose of pollen and my suddenly active allergies).

My family had a great opportunity to meet some WONDERFUL people. I am so glad we made it to your birthday party Kristi. We had so much fun and enjoyed everybody there.

After Kristi blew out her candles she sat on the floor, holding the cake, and let all the kids dip their little fingers in the frosting. This is just an example of how relaxed, fun, and HAPPY she is all the time. I loved it. I would have screamed if little fingers were all over my cake. I love that about you, Kristi. You are amazing!

and so is your family.

Frank, it was a joy to finally meet you. Drew and I look forward to hanging out again in the future.

The kids loved the pool. They loved the play area. They LOVE your family.

Happy HAPPY birthday Kristi!

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