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twinkle toes

Jessie has started ballet. FINALLY! She waited a whole year to go because we missed the registration deadline last year due to lack of knowledge. Not this year! We registered her early, in fact, to ensure she had a spot in the class. Success! She loves it and talks about it all day long.

 “When do I dance again? How much more time? Is that 4 sleeps? I can do EVERYTHING my teacher shows me. Watch!….” I love it. I love seeing her so excited. I love seeing her involved in something she loves and enjoys. I love hearing her angelic voice praising God as she sings The B.I.B.L.E. while twirling around the living room.


And then I was kicked out of the room so they could start tapping their toes. I just can’t believe how much my baby girl is growing up. She is definately a BIG kid now.



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I came across this on another blog.

I am a big mush ball.

I can cry at anything…especially when it comes to my kids growing up.

I saw this video and thought to myself…”THIS IS ME! and my kids are only FOUR.”

you have to see this…so touching, so real, so many emotions come seeping out from watching it.

I cried…knowing that one day, I will embark upon this part of our lives and I can’t help but wonder…how fast it all seems to be going by.

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