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the princess and the fall

I was wondering to myself how I would start this post as so many pictures will be of my sweet angel. Not that I don’t take pictures of Connor, but he just doesn’t shove his face in front of the camera like Jessie does…and the fact he rarely holds still long enough for me to get him has a lot to do with it too.

We finally started the first day of school last week. Oh what a JOY! A joy for the kids and for me. Last year I cried all the way home, cried in my empty quiet house, and spent the entire 2 1/2  hours on the phone with my friend who reassured me that it would get better. This year, I was so disappointed my kids didn’t start school with the rest of the district. What is all that about anyway? So finally the day came and we all rushed out the door so excited to find what the day would hold for us.

With school, the rest of fall has begun for the Robertson household. The weather is just right for playing at the park with our friends…the first time in a long time we can come home from an activity that doesn’t require immediate dirt-mixed-with-sweat-or-chlorine removal.

 Even though it isn’t “officially” fall…although the weather and changing trees tell otherwise, we have started our fall sports and activities outside of school. We now are involved in soccer. We have started the AWANAS program through our church, which I have decided to volunteer in helping all those wound up children learn more about Jesus. Jessie is starting ballet and Connor is ready to begin taekwondo. A jammed packed fall, but this keeps us busy as we wait for Daddy to come home.

Speaking of daddy’s…this is for you, Drew. Jessie dressed up in clothes from my closet and said you would be so surprised to see that she is all grown up when you come home.

“…and when I grow up and get married, I am going to kiss like grown ups. Like this.” <cue smoochy face sounds>

Then after her 20th change, she said she didn’t want to grow up anymore. She just wants to see her daddy.

We think about you every day sweetheart! We love and miss you. We are so proud of you. We pray that God keeps you all safe every morning and night in our prayers. We believe in you and can’t wait for you to come back home.


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1/2 birthday

Drew and I decided to give Jess and Connor half birthday parties due to so much chaos around Christmas time. Their friends were always gone, family is usually busy, Christmas presents are overwhelming, and we just felt they would be missing out on the whole “birthday” experience.

This year we had a carnival birthday party. As much as I stressed out preparing for the BIG day, the kids had an absolute blast! They are still talking about their party. We are so grateful to EVERYONE who came. It was so important to Jessie and Connor…and me.

Drew built this ticket booth for the party. It turned out FANTASTIC! Thank you honey!

That’s me. Thinking Iwas going to be able to capture every moment on my camera. WRONG! So, I have to say thank you to Rick, who is always a life saver. Some of these pictures are his (like the one of me) and, Dad, I am so thankful!

Drew and I made chalkboard signs for each of the games.

Drew’s cousin, Chris, volunteered to do face painting. The kids loved it! You did such a great job. Thank You!

They all loved the potatoe sack race…me too.

alligator ring toss.

My friend, Dawn, let us borrow her maize and basketball shoot. The kids had to race through the maize tunnel and once they were through, they would shoot the balls into the basket ball shoot. It was fun…a little competition.

I borrowed this giant parachute from our church. It was the one thing the kids wanted at their party the most. I am so grateful to Ron for letting us borrow it. Thank you!

Sadly, this year we did not get to enjoy the wonderful cakes made by Aunt Marge (who delivered her new baby girl the day before the party). But, I did find this colorful tiered cake online and searched for a bakery who could make it. Thank you, Catherine. It was delicious and perfect.

After the kids opened their presents, Drew and I had them give all their friends their party bags and treats. We had tubs of cotton candy, rainbow swirly lollipops, punch balloons, and jumping beans. Jessie and Connor couldn’t wait to hand them out.

Happy 1/2 birthday Jessie!

Happy 1/2 birthday Connor!

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Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan turned FOUR years old on Sunday!

He is such a big boy.

I can’t believe how big he has grown since we met him. Angie and I were watching the kids play and we are amazed at how fast time goes by.

He had his birthday party at a skating rink. It was fun. The kids skated and played and exhausted their energy. I think it was a perfect place.

The people at the rink take all the birthday kids and have them sit on a platform and pull it around the arena with a giant roller skate…while they play a “Happy Birthday” song.  It is really cute. Logan was the only one who smiled the whole time.

Then it was time for blowing out the candles.

Then time for LIMBO!

Couples skating…it was so cute  how Jess and Logan held hands…later Connor joined in.

These two are BEST BUDS. I love it.

The “kid crew” at the end of the party. Sammy left early, so he isn’t there, but Logan had all his favorite people at his party and I think it was a hit! I don’t think he stopped smiling…even though he was exhausted by the end.


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happy birthday Kristi!

Is it already Friday? This week has gone by in a haze (thanks to the overdose of pollen and my suddenly active allergies).

My family had a great opportunity to meet some WONDERFUL people. I am so glad we made it to your birthday party Kristi. We had so much fun and enjoyed everybody there.

After Kristi blew out her candles she sat on the floor, holding the cake, and let all the kids dip their little fingers in the frosting. This is just an example of how relaxed, fun, and HAPPY she is all the time. I loved it. I would have screamed if little fingers were all over my cake. I love that about you, Kristi. You are amazing!

and so is your family.

Frank, it was a joy to finally meet you. Drew and I look forward to hanging out again in the future.

The kids loved the pool. They loved the play area. They LOVE your family.

Happy HAPPY birthday Kristi!

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quick catch-up

I am currently watching my nephews, kids, and husband play Mortal Kombat on the x-box. After playing a few rounds myself, which I have to admit was quite addicting, I decide now was a perfect moment to catch you up with things from the past couple of weeks. It seems it has been a whirl wind of activities, planning, homework, packing, and traveling. So, here goes:

Many months ago I met this WONDERFUL person, Kristi, who just blew me away with her heart and laughter and faith in God. We always talked about doing something, but because of distance and “things” that happened in both our lives, we had never met up the whole winter. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we planned to meet up at the zoo; a favorite place of ours.

Jessie insisted on bringing her baby and stroller too. It was really cute as she showed her baby all the animals.

Even the hippos were enjoying the warm weather.

Then Kristi showed up with her beautfiful Lilly and the kids instantly bonded. It was so cute.

Elephant footprints with three sets of little feet on them.

This little girl’s dad was missing a leg and Jessie was so concerned that he was hurt. They followed us through the elephants and while I was taking pictures of the kids the daddy laughed and said his little girl would always hide her face or close her eyes when he pulled out his camera. I pointed my camera at her and she looked up at me and just stared. I took her picture and it came out so cute. The dad was just laughing. I guess sometimes our kids have to prove us wrong.

This old turkey was just sitting here. Not moving. Just letting the kids touch him. Believe it or not, he was still in that same spot when we went back a week later. Weird!

I thought the turkey head looked like brains. I have never seen a live turkey before.

Kristi, I am so excited we have FINALLY had opportunities to hang out. I am looking forward to more play dates and I can’t wait for Drew and I to meet your husband.

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play dates

We had many playdates over the past three days. We relaxed, spent time with friends and just enjoyed ourselves and our company. It really was a blessing to to just “be” for awhile and enjoy the weather (which has been in the 40’s…HEAT WAVE) and not have a scheduled “something” to do.

I have to warn you…MANY pictures ahead!

Friday, we went to see Mya and I had my first getaway as an adult (with no kids) later that night going to a christian concert sponsored by Joy FM. I had a great time meeting new friends and worshipping God. I will never forget it. Thank you Brent and Missy for giving Angie the opportunity to invite me. I was honored.

fishing for sharks from the dog kennel…what imaginations!

“Look mommy, when you pull this finger, it farts!”

who invented a baby that poops and pees? pure entertainment!

we were shuttled from the parking lot to the church…bouncy ride and cold, but we were excited! (Kyle, Kassidy, and Angie)

Me, Morgan, Kassidy, Angie, Missy, Brent and Kyle

It was a great time praising God with a large crowd. We saw Jonny Diaz, Julie Story, and Phillip Craig and Dean. AWESOME!

Then yesterday we went to the library with my friend Doreen. After the kids discovered a book that had ice cream (which fell out of the cone) we took them to get some ice cream of their own. It was fun.

This morning Connor said he was cold and Jessie had him curl up on her lap. It was so sweet.

Then it was almost 50 degrees today and we played outside with Logan. The kids really enjoyed the warm weather and playing. We ended the day with a game of hop scotch. The kids are getting really good at it.

Don’t forget the etsy shop is opening this week, so stay posted for the free give away in honor of the web doors opening!

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Yesterday was fun.

My friends are in town from Wyoming (our former residence) and the kids have been having the time of their lives.

playing with their friend Sklar…who sometimes struggles with sharing

but, after some encouragement she smiles again and loves with such a pure HEART.

My friend Lacy made the kids some FAIRY wings for fun…even Connor recieved a pair. They LOVED them! The girls kept fluttering around the house playing princess fairies, but I think out of all three of them, Jessie loved hers the most. 

Lacy and I headed to the store with the three kids in tow and bought little goodies for them to play with. Then, when Drew came home from work we bundled the kids all up to go sledding. It was the perfect snowy weather to play outside. The wind wasn’t blowing, the snowflakes were big and fluffy (almost like “movie” snow), and then BEHOLD MY EARS, we learned that Skylar had never been sledding before! WHAT? This was going to be fun.

At first I was nervous this little three year old would have reservations about sledding down a steep hill. I kept my fingers crossed and tried to get her excited as Jessie and Connor were impatiently waiting for us to get into the truck.

It was starting to get dark, but the kids still weren’t ready to go. (by kids, I mean Jessie and Connor. Skylar had her fair share of sledding) So, to make our snowy adventure last longer, we reverted their attention to the snowy playground. That brought forth a whole new layer of excitement.

After three hours of snow sledding, sliding, snow angels, and swinging into magical snowflakes, it was time to head home. What a great way to spend time with friends.

AND it was so special to be a part of something Skylar experienced for the first time.

AND all the smiles and all our HAPPY faces will be burned in my memory forever.

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