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Miracle Baby

This is my friend of almost 8 years. She and her husband have been through so much trying to get pregnant with their second child. But, today she is doing well and her belly keeps growing a little miracle I can’t wait to meet. Love you Lacey!

Sure do miss that belly of yours and look forward to our trip out to Cheyenne!


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Eckert’s Farm

We have a pick-your-own farm near us that we go to about three times a year. We LOVE this place. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air, take the wagon rides to and through the orchards, and pick fresh fruit. I look forward to it every year and so do the kids.

This was our first trip out this year and we picked blackberries and peaches. MMmmmm! I had plans for this fruit. I learned how to make jam.

This trip was also special because it is the last family outing we will make before Drew deploys to Kyrgistan for six months. God gave us the perfect day with sunshine, storms, smiles, giggles, team work, holding hands, and good quality time together.

I loved it.

Off to pick PEACHES!


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The Creek

Drew and I took the kids to the creek by Mastadon State Park (which we still haven’t visited). It was delightful. It was eventful. It was a perfect day with our family (including the old hound dogs).

The dogs were in HEAVEN!

I used to go crawdad hunting with my little brother when we were younger. I think I was a lot braver then, because it took A LOT of encouragement to show Drew and the kids how to pick one of them up. But, I did it. Noone was even willing to try. The kids thought I was kind of SUPER for holding it.

Connor found this GIANT ant walking across a log. He had to have it. He even asked if he could bring pet “Anty” home with us…UH, NO!

Jessie was chasing the swarm of dragonflies. They were everywhere! It was almost magical…kind of like the movie Legend with Tom Cruise. I loved it.

Such a great day. Logged in my memory forever.

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happy birthday Kristi!

Is it already Friday? This week has gone by in a haze (thanks to the overdose of pollen and my suddenly active allergies).

My family had a great opportunity to meet some WONDERFUL people. I am so glad we made it to your birthday party Kristi. We had so much fun and enjoyed everybody there.

After Kristi blew out her candles she sat on the floor, holding the cake, and let all the kids dip their little fingers in the frosting. This is just an example of how relaxed, fun, and HAPPY she is all the time. I loved it. I would have screamed if little fingers were all over my cake. I love that about you, Kristi. You are amazing!

and so is your family.

Frank, it was a joy to finally meet you. Drew and I look forward to hanging out again in the future.

The kids loved the pool. They loved the play area. They LOVE your family.

Happy HAPPY birthday Kristi!

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Belly Time

Drew’s sister is pregnant with her second child.

It’s a boy this time!

She is such a beautiful pregnant person…has that glow…great skin…and I can’t believe he will be here in just a few months. I think Greta is ready for him to be here too.

Here are some of the pictures I took for you Maggimoo. I hope you all like them!

Thank you Maggie and John for letting me take some photos of you and that beautiful belly. We can’t wait to meet your new little man!


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my Wichita trip

I am so glad I had a chance to make a trip back to Wichita.

It had been too long since we had seen everybody and, as usual, my nephews have grown so much since our last trip.

Kieran turned NINE the tuesday before we showed up, but we made it in time for the birthday party/slumber party. Todd, you are so brave to take on all those boys (and our little girl) for over 12 hours!

They had a blast.

We split our trip up between different families. I adopted Charlie and Edith as my grandparents a long time ago. They consider my kids their grand kids and I LOVE it. The weather was yucky almost the entire time we were there except Tuesday and we went fishing on the pond behind Charlie and Edith’s house.

Connor and Kenney caught sun perch and the rest of us only had nibbles. It was still fun, but I think Jessie was disappointed she didn’t get anything.

This was the catch of the DAY! Connor was so proud, but didn’t understand why he didn’t catch the giant cat fish again. I think it was still too cold for the fish to want to bite.

Every year we see Charlie and Edith, I take a picture right before we leave. I love them so much and I hate the fact I can’t tell them when I will be back.

We stayed with Charlie Jr. and Suzie a couple of nights too. It was nice to hang out and relax. I really enjoyed the time we had to get to know Suzie. She is such a wonderful person with a kind heart…and she loves my kids!

She let them swim in their jet tub. The kids soaked up every minute of it. They didn’t want to get out.

The weather was so horrible almost the entire time we were there and clouds and rain ruined our chance to go up in Charlie’s airplane. Maybe next time.

Oh, Jester! He is a German Shorthair. He is so rowdy. He is spastic! He is a puppy the same size as my kids. Connor was terrified of him because he would run after them and jump and tug. Jester, on the other hand, thought the kids were a blast. Connor would not come up the stairs unless he knew Jester was outside. By the time we were leaving and after I tried to tell the kids to stay calm and Jester would stay calm too, Connor finally accepted the fact Jester was not out to get him.

Before we left I took a couple of pictures of Charlie and Suzie. I hope you both like them. When we see you again, I will get more and hopefully the weather will be beautiful so we can go outside.

We are looking forward to our next trip out there. I am hoping some time this summer.

It was so good to be with family.

It was even better since Drew was with us this time.

and maybe God will give us better weather.

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me and my zoo

Anybody else feel as though their house has become similar to a zoo?

one husband

two kids

three dogs

one lizard

one rat

one fish

and now FOUR baby chickens

I still have pictures to show of me and the kids from when the Dippolds were here.

Thank you LACEY!

After they left, Connor wanted to go bowling (he was inspired by a show on tv). We decided it was a good idea for some family fun.

On Saturday I took Jessie to try on a flower girl dress for Brittany and Chris’s wedding. This was fun. She tried on three dresses and, of course, Brittany’s eye for the perfect dress was right on.

She can’t wait to be in your wedding Brittany. It is going to be so beautiful!

THEN…my friend Lacey came up with this awesome idea of taking Easter pictures with baby chicks. I asked if I could borrow her idea and the kids and I went out last night and bought some. I am so excited to offer pictures to those who want them. I am keeping my package price low so EVERYONE can have an opportunity to have some great photos done without studio props. Let me know what you all think, and if you are interested, leave me a message and I will contact you for an appointment. Here is a peak at our little chicks…the new additions to the Robertson Zoo.

Even Warren, our gentle giant, loves the birds. He is so patient with them as they flop up to him and flutter around the blanket. Good boy, Warren!

It’s going to be hard to let the little chicks go. But, they are going to a farm after the pictures are done to go live like chickens (instead of pets) and do what chickens do best…lay eggs. The bonus? We now have a place to buy fresh eggs for a REALLY good price and THAT is something to be greatful for.


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