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the princess and the fall

I was wondering to myself how I would start this post as so many pictures will be of my sweet angel. Not that I don’t take pictures of Connor, but he just doesn’t shove his face in front of the camera like Jessie does…and the fact he rarely holds still long enough for me to get him has a lot to do with it too.

We finally started the first day of school last week. Oh what a JOY! A joy for the kids and for me. Last year I cried all the way home, cried in my empty quiet house, and spent the entire 2 1/2  hours on the phone with my friend who reassured me that it would get better. This year, I was so disappointed my kids didn’t start school with the rest of the district. What is all that about anyway? So finally the day came and we all rushed out the door so excited to find what the day would hold for us.

With school, the rest of fall has begun for the Robertson household. The weather is just right for playing at the park with our friends…the first time in a long time we can come home from an activity that doesn’t require immediate dirt-mixed-with-sweat-or-chlorine removal.

 Even though it isn’t “officially” fall…although the weather and changing trees tell otherwise, we have started our fall sports and activities outside of school. We now are involved in soccer. We have started the AWANAS program through our church, which I have decided to volunteer in helping all those wound up children learn more about Jesus. Jessie is starting ballet and Connor is ready to begin taekwondo. A jammed packed fall, but this keeps us busy as we wait for Daddy to come home.

Speaking of daddy’s…this is for you, Drew. Jessie dressed up in clothes from my closet and said you would be so surprised to see that she is all grown up when you come home.

“…and when I grow up and get married, I am going to kiss like grown ups. Like this.” <cue smoochy face sounds>

Then after her 20th change, she said she didn’t want to grow up anymore. She just wants to see her daddy.

We think about you every day sweetheart! We love and miss you. We are so proud of you. We pray that God keeps you all safe every morning and night in our prayers. We believe in you and can’t wait for you to come back home.


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my monday


This Monday will be in my memory forever. So many great moments happened. From the minute I opened my eyes till now, I have been smiling…if not my face, my heart. I LOVE days like these.


my Jessie

First person I saw this morning. I RAN for my camera.


Drew gave me roses he picked from the rose bush (BIG smiles)


Jessie made us “lunch” in the clubhouse…it still needs it’s finishing touches…and a cleaning lady. (I’m on strike!)


Connor was playing in the sand…then we all made sandcastles…too busy for pictures.





The entire time we are outside, Brasco tows this little kong around begging, barking, taunting…even the neighbors give in 🙂


I still have strawberries growing in my garden…


then we drove out to the park…more SMILES!




We were all enjoying ourselves (the dogs were LOVING it). It was a wide open space and lots of crunchy fall leaves. I love fall!


Connor rolled down the hill through the leaves. We pretended to be explorers and adventurers. I’m going to say it again. I am getting in touch with my inner child…it’s been nice.



“I am so STRONG!”



Isn’t fall FUN? Don’t you just want to join her?…I DID!


then we watched the skateboarders…jump, slide, skid, and fall. Jessie and Connor are fascinated by this sport. They keep asking when they get to do those things…ummmm, NEVER!


We talked about fairies and such when we came across this old tree. I bet it is beautiful in the summer. I couldnt’ get the whole thing in my lense, but it reminded me of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. LOVED it!



I loved today. I love when we spend time as a family from the moment we open our eyes until we go to bed. Thank you God for GREAT days and for GREAT people when our days aren’t so good. <warm fuzzies>

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