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Eckert’s Farm

We have a pick-your-own farm near us that we go to about three times a year. We LOVE this place. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air, take the wagon rides to and through the orchards, and pick fresh fruit. I look forward to it every year and so do the kids.

This was our first trip out this year and we picked blackberries and peaches. MMmmmm! I had plans for this fruit. I learned how to make jam.

This trip was also special because it is the last family outing we will make before Drew deploys to Kyrgistan for six months. God gave us the perfect day with sunshine, storms, smiles, giggles, team work, holding hands, and good quality time together.

I loved it.

Off to pick PEACHES!



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beginning a catch up

I took a break. I needed  it. I wanted to spend time with my family before my husband left for his deployment. I am so glad I did. I feel refreshed. rejuvinated. recharged. Well, you get the point. But! We have been so busy with “stuff” for the summer. I wanted to share some our favorite things we did before I get into a regular routine again.

July has been jam-packed with family events.  I had my birthday, we visited my good friend and stayed at her house for three days, and then we went to a wedding, which the kids were part of. It was beautiful. The bride, the groom, the reception, and the bonus was that Drew came back from training that same day. LOVED THAT!

If you remember, I photographed a couple for their engagement a few months ago, Chris and Brittany. Jessie was their flower girl.

Connor was their ring bearer.

Brittany was beautiful.

Chris thought so too

I don’t think they could  have found another soul on the planet that would match eachother. They are perfect.

So, it’s official! Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for about two weeks now!

Congratulations Brittany and Chris! We love you both and wish you a world of happiness.

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