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You Dirty Dog!

I used to pay high dollar to have puppy boutiques wash, cut, and style my dog.

Brasco, being a Silky Terrior which is similar to a Yorkie, takes pretty high maintenance with his “do.”

He needs his hair brushed constantly

has to have multiple baths…with conditioner

and even when I put forth my best effort keeping his black, tan and silver locks tanlge free, I never win the battle.

So, it’s just more convenient to cut his hair…which I have decided to do myself. I knew my cosmotology background would come in handy!

Isn’t she just so “SHAGALICIOUS!”

Let me assure you…Brasco is not our rat!

Jessie and Connor came home just in time to towel dry our hairball of joy. They like to hold him…but what can I say, he is just a big MOMMA’S BOY!

Ahhh! That is so much better

perfect haircut

perfect bandanna (I can make you one of those too!)

for my perfect little Brasco


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zombies to mommies

I have been so busy lately.

I have been keeping to my “resolutions.”

I even tacked on not letting dirty dishes live in the sink…now THAT is worth striving for!

I haven’t been sleeping very well…so much has been on my mind lately…



trying to work from home

God’s plan for me

clean/dirty house

Warren having seizures

(let it go…let it go…let it go)

I have been a zombie lately, mostly in the mornings.

I have been trying to get my homework done early in the morning so I have time for the family and ME…I don’t think I am functioning properly until after at least NOON O’ClOCK!

But, I am a MOMMY when it counts the most! like when Connor banged his ear on the bench, then his foot on the table (scratched the bottom), then rammed his forehead into the corner of the wall and split the skin and grew a GOOSE EGG!

<freak OUT!>

Or when Jessie says, “Mom, I love you and you are the best mom,” and “I’ll help you mommy,” or “Mommy, don’t cry. I LOVE you.”

When Connor cries out, “Mom,MOM!…I love you.”

Ahhh…it makes my heart smile.

I have been wearing my HAPPY socks while doing homework.

Okay…the truth.

I stay in my pajamas until I am done with homework, cleaning, or WHATEVER and then drag myself to the shower and try to revive me to normal human being status…or MOOMYHOOD.

I have accomplishments as well.

Like the quilt I have been working on for a year! My sewing machine was smoking for three days as I finished it up so Mema could take it to Ohio. I can’t even express the feeling of releif to have it FINALLY done. I can’t wait to know what Corinne thinks about it. I hope she likes it. I hope she LOVES it!

While I was finishing up this quilt, I also whipped a dress together for Jessie. This is the first dress I have ever made.

It came out perfect!

perfect fit

perfect color

perfect for Jessie

I bet one would be perfect for your little girl too!

I have so many more thing to do, to start, to finish, to accomplish…

Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all things to the glory of God.

I Corinthians 10:31


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On Wednesday last week we were told (by the weather man) a TERRIBLE storm was acomin’. The whole city of St. Louis and surrounding areas were taking emergency precautions, closing schools for the day and putting businesses on a “snow schedule,” and preparing for the worst.

Want to know what the worst was going to be? 5-8 inches of snow…pfft! Blowing winds with gust up to 25 miles an hour…HA!

Needless to say, until you have lived in a state where the normal wind flow IS 25 miles an hour, I guess one would freak out.

5-8 inches of snow? What’s the problem? My kids could still walk through this stuff.

Oh well.

While everyone else was preparing for the worst, we (The Robertsons) were preparing for the BEST time. We were hoping and crossing our fingers for 8 inches, but we only got a measly 2.

But, God sent enough for us to take the kids out and go sledding…and make snow angels…and play with the dogs (all but Brasco)…and try to make snowballs (snow wasn’t sticky)…WE LOVE THE SNOW!

Here are a few pictures from our rompin’ fun in the beautiful, cold, white, snow.

It was way to COLD for little Brasco. His poor little feet couldn’t handle it…he had to go back inside.

Jessie worked for a long time to get snow between her gloves so she could eat it…so PERSISTANT!

Warren absolutely LOVES to play in the snow!

Allana had a BLAST chasing us as we sled down the hill. I’d like to say it was a race…but she always let us win. Good dog!

It was a fun day…and you know what? The wind wasn’t half bad!

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New Year…one week down!

Week one of the new year.

Come and gone.

My, how time goes by fast.

I didn’t make any resolutions, persay, but decided this year would be different.

I would have family dinner ready before Drew has to leave for work…so he gets to join us more often.

WILL get my etsy shop started and utilize my goodies. I have many..many…many creative ideas and hadn’t made the time…(but, it’s a new year, so what better time to START!)

I am going to promote, promote, PROMOTE my photography business this year (because I LOVE to take photographs and I want to help others capture their memories.)

I am going to visit more family…all of my family.

I am going to wake up every morning with devotions and prayer so I can be the best MOM, WIFE, and FRIEND I can be…and I know God has big plans for my simple life.

More kisses, hugs, and kind words.

I am going to manage my time with family, school, and me better.

I can go on and on…but the point is, 2010 is going to be a DIFFERENT year!

So, on to our first week of 2010


We went to Gramma Bev and Cecil’s on the 1st and stayed for the weekend. A GREAT way to begin the new year.

Jessie loves to play dress up and now and put on ballet shows. It is really cute. She can’t wait to begin classes.

nothing like a good game of OLD MAID!

Ahhh…all pooped out and fast asleep.

Then, on Sunday, we left to go to Granny and Gramps’s house. We didn’t get to stay very long, but it was wonderful to see them.

Granny gave me this box. It’s an antique Heinz 57 her mom used to use as a bread box. I am so grateful. I LOVE it!

Gramps is such a good story reader. Jess and Connor got these new books for Christmas and they immediately needed to know what they were about.

Granny and Gramp’s cat…doesn’t like kids…

flying paper airplanes from the balcony.

Granny and Gramps live in the “woods” and the deer are always hanging around. It is REALLY awesome for us when the kids get to see them. They get excited. So a group of about six deer came up to the front of the house and eat all the bird seed. Gramps ran out to scare them away. This deer was brave and snuck back. She eyeballed that bird feeder with all our faces squished in the window. I guess she didn’t want to see “scary Gramps” again and walked off…no bird seed and no scary Gramps.

Well, that’s all for now. Iwill post more tomorrow about our SNOW day! Yes…we actually got enough snow to go sledding…YIPPEE!

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Bringing in the new year

Drew had to work New Years Eve, so I thought I would try to make it fun for the kids and me. I am not much of a partier and didnt’ want to be out with the yahoos anyway, so I found a recipe to make  homemade glitter paint…SUPER EASY and FUN!

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of flour

mix together in a bowl until consistancy is like pudding…should look similar to this–>

After it’s all mixed up and there are no lumps, I spooned equal parts into baggies to create…SQEEZE BAGS…

(you could go to Hobby Lobby or some other crafty store and buy paint tubes, but it’s just as fun to use baggies like frosting bags)

After the mixture is in the baggies, I used gel coloring (you could use regular food coloring too) to make the colors I wanted, sealed up the bags and let the kids smoosh the paint until all the color was mixed in.

After the paint is good and mixed you can add whatever you want with it.  We added very fine glitter to ours so it is EXTRA MAGICAL…

(once it dries, you will see the salt sparkling like glitter, so adding addtional glamour is completely optional!)

Then clip a tiny bit of the corner from the bag and VOILA! you have homemade glitter paint. Here are some of ours.

Don’t forget it can be messy…so keep something handy to put the baggies in while they aren’t being squeezed.

I used the measuring cups

After we cleaned up our mess and set our pictures out to dry, our LINDA came over to spend the evening and turn of the new year with us.

We started off with a good game of TROUBLE.

Connor WON!

Then on to card games. The kids really like playing cards.

Old Maid.


Crazy Eights.

Go Fish.

The kids were pretty pooped out after games, cards, popcorn, marshmallows, and FUN…so they were tucked away sleeping by 10:30. So….Linda and I played a MEAN game of SCRABBLE.

Love this game.

When 2010 came we saw fire works on the back deck, texted away, called Drew (of course), kissed the kids, and finished our game until 3 am.

Linda and I have decided after this game of scrabble…using legitimate words…we are going to play a “you might be a redneck” version. It might make the game a little easier and definately interesting…I will let you know how that goes.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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~a year gone by~

Goodbye 2009!

Hello New Year!

I have to say this past year has been an exceptional year.

I have made many new FRIENDS

The kids started preschool

I started school

We had an opportunity to go to my nephew’s birthday

My whole family got to see my dad and my brother

The kids turned FOUR

I was baptized

Drew hit his ONE YEAR mark at the County

…and SO much more.

Now we are ready to begin our New Year and make a TON more memories.

Here is what we have done our last two days of 2009

not enough snow for sledding and snow men, but who doesn’t like to catch flakes on their tongues?

We did, however, have enough to make teeny snowballs and throw them around. The kids and daddy really got into it…

Today was a calm and quiet day. We attempted to clean house…but played alot instead…and Jessie decided she wanted to have a tea party. We thought it was so cute she had set up a table and pulled her chair from her room and invited all of us to join her. She was so beautiful in her “wedding dress” playing princess. How could we not have joined in. I grabbed the camera while helping her set up her dishes.

I couldn’t say goodbye to 2009 without giving a little recap of the past year.

Happy New Year everyone!!


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