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Happy Birthday Jessie and Connor!

I can’t even put into words how I felt the day my babies were born.

so tiny.

so new.

so fragile.


They were the size of Drew’s hand and now…


Can you believe it?!

So big.

So smart.

So gorgous.

So special.


We first celebrated their birthday the night before with Mamie and Grampy and we took them to Applebees (thinking they would sing them “happy birthday” to find out they no longer did that. Bummer. But Mamie and Grampy had brought a cake and we sang with our server anyway.

Drew and his mom.

They had a great time seeing them.

The next day was their BIRTHDAY. I still look at them and can see my teeny babies somewhere in there. We had decided to do half birthdays for them so they wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by Christmas. This year we let them invite one friend to go to a special place on their actual birthday. They had picked the City Museum.

It was lots of fun.

After five hours at the City Museum we came home for presents. Drew and I get them one present each for their BIRTHDAY and then they get a BIG party in the spring/summer. My dear friend, Linda, bought them some fun gifts too. They LOVED everything. It was a wonderful day and we made SO many memories.

Jessie and Connor, I couldn’t have asked God for more precious people to be my children. I am so doubly BLESSED!




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25 days of Christmas

I promised I would catch you all up as soon as I could.

The holidays are over.

I am on break from school.

The kids are officially FOUR years old <sniff>

And, I am now going to overload you with the 25 days in December that led up to our Christmas…

We had many visits from family…which was so AWESOME for us and the kids. Mema came down from Peoria after a slight caoxing when she had a week off from work. It was wonderful to have her here. The kids really had a chance to bond with her, which led to tears when she left to go home.

While she was here, we took her to one of our favorite places…the Magic House.

and yes…Jessie had to wear her magical tutu 🙂

what a natural! I forsee many moments with Daddy in the future.

tell me THAT doesn’t look like fun!

So, after Mema’s trip, Pepa came down to see us and the kids the next weekend. He went with us to get our tree. It was lots of fun to share our tradition with him.

Since living in the St. Louis area, we go to Eckert’s Farm for all our outdoor holiday goodies, so naturally, we cut our Christmas tree down from there. It is a great experience for the kids and such a FUN family event we love doing together.

On our way to the farm, I turned around and this is what I saw…SO FUNNY!

Ah! The perfect tree!

The next day, we went to Kimmiswick (which if you haven’t noticed…I love this town).

they had Christmas lights.


Mrs. Claus.

horse and buggy rides.

pony rides.


Then I was baptized. I thought it was so cool when Jessie kept asking me why I was getting baptized and I would explain to her it’s what Christians do to make a public statement of letting our old life (ways) die and we are resurrected with a new life for Christ. She said she wanted to be baptized too. How awesome is it when little people have such an enormous LOVE for God? It really makes my heart smile.

The kids had their first “PARTY” at our house. It was fun having little people running through the house.

we made smores.

attempting to watch a movie.

played with toys.

MOST importantly, they all had FUN!

We also had TWO birthday parites the kids were invited to. I didn’t have my camera at Devin’s (sorry buddy!), but I did bring it for Mia’s. It is so fun to see the kids play with their friends and form bonds, and interect, and love eachother. The great thing is, Jessie and Connor couldn’t wait to GIVE. I love their hearts!

Happy Birthday Mia!

The kids also did a Christmas musical at our church. Jessie was tired and cried when it started, but she finished singing like a CHAMP! Connor and Logan had no issues performing. What naturals!

Then we made cupcakes the next day with our new dinosaur pan and squishy heart shaped holders.

Drew and I took the kids roller skating too! What an event. Let me just say, it’s going to take a LOT more practice before we aren’t holding them up on their skates while moving…lol

Well, practice makes perfect…right?

Mema and Pepa came down again the Tuesday before Christmas. We made sugar cookies and played games and had our pictures taken at a studio just so we could be with SANTA! I can’t show you the Santa pictures because of copyright laws, but let me assure you, this man is PURE MAGIC!

Christmas Eve came so quickly. We let the kids put out cookies and milk and then write letters to Santa. They really enjoyed this.

Three years old and she wrote this ALL BY HERSELF!

Connor needed a little bit of help, but it won’t be long.

They both can spell their names, recognize it when it’s spelled and love to spell out words on EVERYTHING!~they amaze me daily…

Then came Christams morning!

Oh the excitement! It was so much fun watching the kids run through the house telling us Santa came and even ate the cookies and drank the milk. They couldn’t BELIEVE he really came. What MAGIC!

Christmas Eve I prayed that God would change the pouring rain to snow…just for Christmas morning. And you know what?

HE did.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then opened our presents. What a wonderful day!

We saved our Ginger bread house for Christmas day so the kids would be able to eat it without dust all over it. I think it was a good idea since it didn’t last very long…at least not the frosting or candy…

I did the frosting and the kids did everything else. I think they did a FABULOUS job!

Well, that wraps up the days up to our Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and hope you have a GREAT start to a new year!

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Busy Busy Busy!

I kept telling myself, “You need to post a blog!” I then said, “You can do it tomorrow.”

Well, tomorrow came and went…

and the next one

and the next one,

and I am finally telling myself to do it!

We have had so much going on.

Drew was on vacation, we went to the magic house with Mema, we cut down our Christmas tree with Pepa, we went Christmas shopping, we put up our tree, we had a family Christmas…two hours away…and I forgot my camera! Can you beleive that?! Me. I forgot my extra appendage! My truck blew out a spark plug…no, REALLY blew it right out of the engine block! The ignition coil snapped off too…AMAZING! I made two backpacks, a tutu, a shoulder beach bag, finished the basement, Drew went back to work, and I am back to school work…Ugh!

And I didn’t even mention the in betweens. Jessie and Connor went to their FIRST birthday party, we went to Kimmiswick for the Christmas lights and horse and buggy rides and Santa and Mrs. Claus. We put up twinkly lights on the house (FIRST time Drew and I have done this with the kids) and it goes on and on.

But, thinking about it, I am so GRATEFUL for all that we are able to do together and will update you all with the pictures REAL soon…


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December First

Ahhhh…the first day of December.

twenty four more days until Christmas.

expectations of snow.

twinkly lights lining the streets and covering the houses.

mistletoes, jingle bells, christmas carols, foggy breath, snow angels, sledding, family, LOVE…Jesus’s birthday, Christmas DAY!

These are just some of the things I think about when December finally reads on my calender. What did WE get on this first day of Decemeber?

Sunshine, green grass, 57 degrees of warmth, long sleeves (and that’s it!), dogs playing outside, the back door open and letting in the cool breeze….the first day of December. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

I knew you wouldn’t…so here is the proof…

Do you ever look at your kids and you catch your breath because they are so beautiful and you can’t remember to breathe? I do…they are so breathtaking and I thank God for them everyday.

 After daddy brought them home from school, it was still so nice outside, we decided to barbecue and Connor wanted a picnic dinner…so, that is just what we did. It was a fabulous idea!

My two FAVORITE guys in the whole wide world and beyond!

Her smiles light up my life…

The BEST things about picnics? No need to dirty any unnecessary dishes and cleaning is done with a couple of swacks with the picnic blanket…don’t forget our living, breathing hoovers who catch any scraps as well.

They were so happy. Daddy was so happy. I was so happy.

We even have flowers in our garden pots still…how magical is that?

Then the night came…way too early unfortunately…but

 the moon was SO big and there was this haze blowing across the REALLY blue sky.

I ran and got my camera to catch this…I have never seen the sky so pretty at night before (and I lived in Wyoming where the skies will dazzle you…)

Isn’t it beautiful…almost like a dream…Jessie said it was magical. I agree.

After the moon shots (HA) our little buddy, Logan, came over to play for awhile. Seriously, the kids go through withdrawels if they don’t see eachother often. Poor Logan is just getting over being sick with strep throat…YUCK!

Nothing some friends and a little treasure hunting won’t fix!

It was such a good day. A big blessing to undo some stress. I didn’t even do homework today, just so I could enjoy it. I sat outside talking to my BFF for what seems like forever. Having conversation that brought me back to my youth and just having some much needed girl time…I wish I could take pictures over the phone. I am REALLY looking forward to GIRLS week this coming summer.

P.S. Katt, expect LOTS of pictures!

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